Invitation 1: Let Me Write Your Story

I am inviting you to share me some of your photos and a brief description of them and I will write an interesting blog post about it. It could be about your travel experience to a place here in the Philippines or the photos that means something to you. Our goal is to introduce the Philippines to the world and so if you feel that those photos of yours can contribute to that advocacy, send them in.

Interested, just do these simple steps:

1) Send 5 to 10 photos and a brief description of each - one or two sentences - to

2) I will write a 500 to 1000-word blog article about it and post it in this blog site.

NOTE: I will give credit by writing your name, email address and link to social media page (optional) on the end portion of the post.

This collaboration will help promote the Philippines as well as our personal portfolio.

For questions, please email me at or contact me at +639175014247.

Invitation 2: Write for ProjectPilipinas!

Are you a blogger? This is your time to shine and inspire others!

I am inviting writers and bloggers who want to share their stories. Become our Guest Blogger. This is an opportunity for you to share to the world you ideas, experiences, personal stories, passion in life and anything that you feel are that important to be read or heard.

You simply write you blog and a few sentences about your self as an author and submit it to and/or After careful review, your blog article will be posted on this website. You can of course add links to your own websites, social media profile or any URL that tells about you. The link, however, is limited only up to two (2).

I am also encouraging interested authors like you to please focus on articles that could uplift the hearts and minds of our countrymen, the Filipinos, and people of all nations. Just be your self. Three to five photos will do. Just send your article in word format and the photos on JPG format.

Help inspire the Filipinos. Let your story inspires the world. It could be about your travel story, the festivals you've been into, the real story behind your town or city, an expose about your place, the heroism of others, the survival story of someone, or it could be anything under the sun - what's important is that it could inspire others in a positive way. Try to read some of my blog posts and they might inspire you as well.

Hope to receive your blog articles soon! Best of luck!

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