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Who are These OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) and Why are They the Modern Heroes of the Philippines
This is the real story behind the becoming an OFW or Overseas Filipino Worker - an eye-opener article that might be your first time to know.
10 Minutes Read. Click here.

The Cycling Adventures of Diosdado in the Philippines and Beyond
Get to know Diosdado, an OFW and a bike enthusiast, adventurer. Follow him on his biking journeys in the Philippines and South Korea.
10 Minutes Read. Click here.

What Filipinos Truly Miss About the Philippines
An inspiring post about the Filipinos' close attachment to their native land. This article highlights why OFWs are so much missing their hometowns and love ones from thousands of miles away.
8 Minutes Read. Click here.

About Gabay OFW Page:

This page is created with a golden objective in mind: guide OFWs on their application, travelling abroad, working with their employers, and returning home journeys. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are the modern heroes of the Philippines – for they are not only the sender of huge amount of money in the country through their families, but they also showcase the one-of-kind talent, skills and dedication of a Filipino towards any type of work. Millions of OFWs, OFWs-to-be, and former OFWs certainly need guidance on their lives. And it is not just simple guidance, but rather a holistic, honest and free-to-affordable guidance, assistance and help as much as possible.

Project Pilipinas is created for that same purpose – help and guide OFWs in every way possible. This site will act as bridge to connect OFWs to the right channels, people, groups or agencies. In an effort to alleviate OFWs hardships on their job search and applications, serving their job contracts, and returning back to the homeland for a better living, we provide here useful information which in our belief will best serve them and their families.

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