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Tarpaulin Printing Shop
Water Refilling

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The Guide for Modern Filipinos in Improving their Lives in the Philippines
The author of this blog poses a challenge to Filipinos to become an entrepreneur or a business owner. The path to get there is difficult. But once focus, dedication and strategy is committed, anyone can be a successful business man or woman.
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"Business as Usual" as the Filipinos Define It (Palengke, Business Permits, Illegal Vendors) – Part 2
This blog will introduce to you the concept of a "palengke" or "market" of the Filipinos. Furthermore, this will reveal the steps and complexities in becoming a vendor in the Philippines.
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About Business Tayo Page:

In a country of over a hundred millions Filipino citizens, a stronger and dependable economy is greatly needed to sustain good quality of life. When it comes to starting and growing a business, Filipinos are full of ideas, yet the required skills, strategies and tools are lacking on most of us as viewed from an economic standpoint. Business Tayo page is thus created to provide if not all but at least the necessary tools, resources and information that would best guide every Filipino to build and grow his or her own business.

Project Pilipinas in partnership with, a knowledge and information sharing website, aims to provide free-to-affordable information about business education. From the knowledge and experience of its founder, educational materials such as business loan calculators, business registration checklist, bookkeeping lessons, and manpower management techniques will be provided on this page.

Here is a list of useful educational resources that you’ll find in this page soon.

  • Business-related Blogs and Articles
  • Downloadable Forms/Files
  • Links to Business Sites
  • Business Books

We also encourage you to visit where you can find lots of guides and resources on how to start and grow your business.

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