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The Grays and Golds of the Taal Volcano Eruption

The grays of ashes brought us down but the golds in our hearts will lift us again. For me, this is one of the clearest message this natural phenomenon has delivered to the Filipinos. About two weeks before the surprising January 12 Taal Volcano eruption in Batangas, Philippines, my wife and I were driving our motorcycle along Tagaytay-Nasugbu road, then the Diokno Highway traversing the towns of Laurel, Agoncillo and Laurel, the Palico-Balayan-Batangas road passing by the towns of Taal and Santa Teresita, and the National Highway connecting Alitagtag, Cuenca and Lipa City. All of these areas were devastated by the unprecedented explosion of ashes from the popular Taal volcano-island. The eruption just happens, without any sign or warning from the volcano itself that it would be that catastrophic. Taal Volcano eruption in the afternoon of January 12, 2020. (Credit to owner of the photo - a college classmate) The Instagram-mable Eruption of Taal Volcano Calamity strikes

The 100 Million Filipinos and Our Basic Rights in the Philippines

We have the right to education, healthcare, security, good services and affordable quality products, among others. But do we understand really the extent of our rights to these things as a Filipino citizen? And our duty to abide by the laws of the land and to promote democracy, are we aware of that? Our privilege or special right to something, do we care about it? It is our right to use or access public roads. These workers are improving the roads at the expense of the people, from the Road User's Tax. It is our right to practice our religious beliefs in a peaceful and orderly manner. The police authorities are there to guide us in exercising this basic right.  It was Abraham Lincoln, former president of the United States of America, who in one of his speeches said this: “…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” I remember these same words quoted by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in one of his spee

My Red Owner-Type Jeep Driving Adventures in Cavite, Philippines

About a year ago, I was really fortunate for having this second-hand owner-type jeep. Since then, I was given the chance to drive on nearby places here in Cavite I always wish I had been into before. I am also happy to say that my low-cost camera now has a good companion in blogging, a low-cost red jeep. I could say that telling good stories is now a bit better for I can capture the right views at the right angle, at the right point (not when I used to commute and take photos from the passenger’s window, just like when I travel to Baguio City years back). Now, I can pull over and take the best shots I can, though not at all times. My Red Owner-Type Jeep  And so I have this great experiences in exploring the inner side (places not often talked about) of the province of Cavite where I had been living for almost a decade. Places like Pala-Pala, Trece Martires, Aguinaldo Shrine, Indang and Tagaytay are now within reach, of course with some money for the gasoline and eating. The previ