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The Foods that are Craving Us All

These are the reasons on why most Filipinos cannot save something for their future expenses. It is that choosing an expensive food is always first to foods that will save the family meals each day. These are also the reason why most of the Filipinos are being diagnosed with what they call "sickness of the rich" if not dying earlier. Guilty or not about these facts, then go ahead buy these delicious and mouth-watery foods you are craving for. But then, try reading the last paragraph of this article. On the Photo: Chocolate Cake  On the Photo: Pizza   On the Photo: Siomai, Siopao and Wanton Noodle   On the Photo: Ham, Cheese, Pasta, Hotdog and Corned Beef  On the Photo: Graham Cake, Peanut and Pineapple Juice When was the last time you say “I want this food?” and when was the last time you said “I need this food?”.  Did you happen to observe the two words with completely two different meanings