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Vlog: Tree Planting in Our Mini-farm "JN FarmGarden" in Batangas, Philippines

Hello mga ka-Pinas! Here is my first vlog which I am excited to share here in Project Pilipinas. In this vlog, me and my wife are planting together in our mini farm garden. It was a great day, with the weather in our side, a little bit cloudy and the soil wet due to an early day rain, we managed to plant about ten plants that day. It was exhausting to be honest. I mean like you start from soil digging, planting, and then putting fences on each plant - that's a whole lot of effort. But despite all the hard work, I think I could also say that the activity is very fulfilling. We are happy and tired at the same time. Well, here is that one-big-day planting for the economy activity. Hope you will enjoy, learn and share it. So yes, as a start, we have the lemon, avocado, rambutan, dates and African tulip trees now living in our farm garden. Yehey! And of course, here are more photos to complete everything about our tree planting activity at "JN FarmGarden". Yes, "JN FarmGa