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"Wonder Boy"

Several weeks ago, when me and my wife are into this exercise-walking routine, we met this guy in his 30’s. He came out of nowhere and showed up on us right in front of a Catholic Church where we stopped for a while. All of a sudden, while I am taking photos of the wall art in the other side of the road, this guy in a funny yet sincere tone asked me: Isang picture naman diyan oh! (One photo shoot if you please!) With bit of a surprise, I told the guy, “O sige, posing ka” (Okay, you do your pose). But then instead of just posing the normal way (that moment wherein it is your first time to meet a complete stranger, you know), this guy poses the unusual ways. Quite cumbersome to describe, so here are the photo shots for you to have a look! Near this wall art is where I met "Wonder Boy". After this interesting yet mind-blowing photo-shoot encounter, the guy then tell something again. “Kuya, konti barya naman diyan oh”. (Brother, some small amount i