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Beautiful Life in the Philippines in These Times of Pandemic

Life is beautiful if you will find ways to make it beautiful...

This is what I learned from life experiences here in the planet. As the line from the poem Invictus states:

I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

We are responsible for our happiness, at least in a world where everyone has freedom. Now, as to what happiness would mean to you, it something you must know. But defining happiness should not be complicated. Perhaps, this blog post can explain... 

Cows Freely Eating Grasses in a Green Field

A Lady Witnessing the Rising of the Sun

Morning Sun as it Climbs Up to Start the Day

We all experienced the horrible impact of pandemic over the past two years, and yet we still feel the difficulties and challenges up to this very moment coping up with the so-called "new normal". Maybe its already too much to say what this COVID-19 virus bring us...that's enough!

An inspiration may cure our broken hearts and souls. This is the best way to calm us down, make us feel better in a sense...and get rid of those burdens and stresses.

A Panoramic View of an Open Field in Batangas Province

A Foggy Morning Near a Farm Land

Green Grasses with Morning Dew

In my hometown Taysan, Batangas in the Philippines, I've seen a lot of beautiful things. From cows feeding themselves on the grass, to chirping birds on the trees, to frogs jumping here and there, and to the view of nature one fine morning, I've seen them.

I'm lucky for I can breathe in the fresh air. I might be good for I can feel the gentle heat of the morning sun. I feel great for I have experienced life this beautiful and lovely.

The Famous Taal Volcano Island in Batangas, Philippines

Taal Volcano is Batangas Province Emitting Vog

A Scenic View of Taal Volcano Eruption

A picture paints a thousand let these pictures paint the words of your own.

A Beautiful View from Inside a Camping Tent

One Fine Afternoon in Rural Neighborhood

Let this heal the pains in your hearts...

Cloud Turning Orange During a Sunset

Let this view comfort your lonely soul...

A Rare Flower Found in a Nearby Forest

Let this scenery captivate your imagination...

A River Surrounded by Rocks and Trees

Water Steadily Flowing in a Calm River

Let this be your motivation to move on...

Captivating Blue Sky Over the Mountains and Lakes

An Amazing View of Taal Lake

Let this be your sign that life can be beautiful...

From Dark to Light Transition of the Morning

Picturesque Nature View

Blue Clouds of the Afternoon

In our small farm in Taysan, Batangas...

A Day in the Farm

Summer in the Province

A House Construction in a Farm

Gigantic Clouds

Make your life beautiful by visiting nature. Once you fall in love with nature, you will see how beautiful life is.

Thank you for reading this post.



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