Filipinos: the Skies of Hope, Our Ambition of Real Changes is Coming

It has become a hobby of mine to look intently at the sky whenever I visit a place far away from home. For me, that chance to view the sky for a while, whether it is blue or grey or red, is something worth glorifying. I am thinking about hope. I am imagining freedom. Honestly, I am minding my country and the future of the Filipinos.

But what is it really all about the skies? Is there really hope in the skies covering the Philippines? When that glimmering light of the sun blends with those clouds each morning day, are there clear signs of good hope waiting for us Filipinos?

Is change really coming?

"Change is Coming". This campaign slogan of the incoming president of the Republic of the Philippines not only struck the minds of millions of Filipinos in the land, but also conquered the heart and soul of countless citizens across the globe. While many were stirred by the bold and vocal personality of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, of whether he can truly bring real changes to the country or just same unfulfilled promises uttered by traditional politicians, significantly, changes are beginning to happen even before he takes the post. Ordinances across towns and cities giving way to the captivity of minors beyond curfew hours, to the arrest of groups on drinking sessions on public places, and to the pursuit of drug addicts, pushers and lords are the changes already happening. While many views these events as just a tiny portion of the mountain of issues barrier to the “law and order” ambition of the president-to-be, these are undeniably obvious signs of good hope coming in the Philippines skies.

Stopping corruption, criminality and drugs in the Philippines is a heavy responsibility. But when that happens, then we can say that change has truly come. And that’s freedom more than democracy. We will be as free as a carabao eating fresh grasses in a greenfield under a clear blue sky.

As a Filipino who’s long been aiming for real changes, I encourage you to look at our skies and try to build an ambition of freedom within yourself and a hope of big positive changes in this beautiful nation. No matter who you are, whatever your religious view is, regardless of what ethnicity you were raised, whoever that politician is whom you supported during the past election, I invite you to dream for big changes for the Filipinos. Take your part in making this nation great again – a nation of democracy, equality, abundance and peace. Promote real changes whenever and wherever you can.

If you cannot support him as an icon of change, then at least support his ideals of real changes. As Mayor Rodrigo Duterte says it, "If you want to do great things for your country, today is the right time to do it when I am here".

I started this blog in 2011 for I really want positive changes in this beautiful land, my home country – the Philippines. I will dedicate another six years writing more blogs of hope, encouragement and solutions to the problems in the Philipines that in some ways would bring real changes. I will do it for I want to view skies of good hope in this country again.

Mayor Digong, please make it happen.
Make the Philippine skies full of good hopes again.


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