My Motorcycle Adventures Featured Destination: Ginger Breadhouse

Here in Cavite, there is a place called Gingerbread House. Sounds like a place from a childhood fantasy movie or play, or from a television program for kids back in the 90’s, right? We’ll, it’s a kind of that, full of fantasy for a kid or teen to be experienced here. Though we’re not kids anymore, going here reminds me of two things: Christmas and Adventure.

The Tricky Drive to the House

Driving to the Ginger Breadhouse in Alfonso, Cavite is quite an adventure. The place is so hidden, far from the main roads. But if you're a kind of driver who’s used to checking your Waze app or Google maps or simply that GPS device, you can be there. Alternatively, a combination of asking people on the streets would definitely make everything easier for you. And to cut the story short, after series of checking the map and asking for direction from good people of Cavite, we arrived at Ginger Breadhouse at around eight in the morning that fine sunny day.

Christmas is in the Air

When we got there, there were lots of kids lining up to the main entrance with excitement in their eyes. Who doesn’t want to see the Ginger Man, the Ginger Breads, and all the creatures made of ginger there? Haha! Well, to be honest, there are lots of wonderful and colorful stuffs inside and outside the house. Here’s a first taste of that.

The Famous White Big Bear

Yes! We found the big white bear that we've been long looking for. It is here at Ginger Breadhouse.

It’s a Christmas-themed park. It is full of Christmas decors, lively booths, statues or figures like the snowman, Santa Claus and the giant White Bear. Getting a picture of them is definitely a must. You may say “Whoa!”, “OMG!”, or “Ah-ah naman” once you see these stuff yourself. Interestingly, you are allowed to touch them, hug them or play with them. And we didn’t let that opportunity passed, so here we are with them.

The House of Gingers

Inside the Gingerbread House is a restaurant full of amazing figurines, art displays, miniatures, chocolates, candies and ginger dolls. I am not that good in giving fantastic descriptions to these stuffs but maybe you can give it a try. Have a look around the house and say something on what you see. Did I hear “Wow, ganda naman”?

Picture-Perfect Spots

As the morning sun rises up, so is our energy to tour the whole place. So we stepped out and walked on the hallways, patios, garden and underneath trees and gazebos. It’s a home for the kids and kids-wanna-be alike, like me and my wife. There are tons of activities waiting for you here. Like a carnival, it has some setups to catch your attention. To give the right idea of what I am saying, why not enjoy seeing these photos instead.

All About the Ginger

What makes this place even better, as the names speak for itself, is the ginger garden area. Here, you will be taught how to plant ginger, I mean not just planting but cultivating this super-crop. I call ginger a super crop, a native root crop of the Philippines, because of its healing components. I used to plant ginger in my home place and I find a lot of benefits from this root plant. The ginger tea will certainly give you an aroma that could heal your stress. And when you drink it, it soothes your inner soul, giving that great comfort or relaxation. And of course, adding ginger to our menus is enough to explain why it is a great condiment.

I think you now know why it is called Ginger Breadhouse. There’s ginger in it!

The Museum of Ginger

Now, have a look at the Museum. It is kind of dark inside the reason of which is because it has the Christmas Village miniatures under the night theme. You will also see here the story of the Ginger Breadhouse, on how it came to be. And to inspire you more, there are some quotes posted on the wall of the museum. Let these photos complete your tour inside the museum.

Our Moments to Share

As we enjoy our last few minutes in Ginger Breadhouse, we pose ourselves on the photography sites and there you go…

I want to take this opportunity to give you some words of advice, words of encouragement, as you go along with your daily lives during these pandemic times. Our visit at Ginger Breadhouse was way back December of 2019, almost a year ago. That time, it is still free to drive around, with no any condition or restriction under quarantine protocols.

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

As this year’s Christmas season is nearing, we want to go outside and feel the spirit of Christmas. While it is uncertain where COVID-19 might take us, I think the best thing we can do in the meantime is to be with our families. Maybe, let’s make this year’s Christmas a bit different, for our health’s sake. Maybe once all our necessities are secured (food and groceries in particular), let us just then enjoy the season by being together in our homes, as much as we can.

I suggest that you open those photos from your past tours or travels and share good stories while looking at them. Watch those video clips when you have a great time with. That instead of going out and face the risks of getting the disease, why not just be on our backyards, living rooms or nearby streets and make ourselves enjoy of what’s there for us. I know it’s a bit challenging, but again, for our health’s sake.

There are more times to come and then we can again be in the places like Ginger Breadhouse, malls, themed-parks and restaurants the way we used to. That being said, I am sharing you this great travel experience by me and my wife in our motorcycle last year for a good purpose and that is:

Looking back on our great holiday experiences through photos and videos we have on our smartphones, laptops or PCs are great enough to make us happy, if not exactly the same of being in that same place. If you do this together with your family, there would be joy for sure. If you exchange memorable photos with your friends and colleagues in a virtual meeting or chat, there would be laughs and tears of joy for sure. And if you yourself would paint a thousand words from those photos you took years back, and then share those words to your loved ones through the technology, it can be the same good feeling of being together.

While those are merely suggestions, going out is still a matter of choice for us. Let us just keep in mind that protecting ourselves should always be our number one priority. So to end this post, let me leave you a message:

Stay safe during the upcoming holiday season.

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