Sonya's Garden: A Walk with Nature, a Great Day to Celebrate

It was a fine Friday morning when me and my wife decided to hit the gas handle heading to a secluded place in Alfornso, Cavite - at Sonya's Garden. A 40-minute motorcycle drive then take us to this beautiful nature place recommended to people searching of inner peace, calmness and serenity.

Sonya's Garden

We then find ourselves surrounded by colorful flower, green leaves of different varieties, rustic gardens, and fresh air blowing here and there.

Time to Celebrate!

At Sonya's Garden Bread and Breakfast is where we spend our 11th Year Wedding Anniversary. With my wife's enthusiasm to be in this nature's place, what we experience is enjoyment, true couple's bonding, and best of all a memorable anniversary dining at Sonya's Conservatory.

Have a look on what we discovered here.


Who greet us upon our arrival at Sonya's is this cute dog named Oogoo. The blonde golden retriever is known to welcoming guests at the place, though not all experience the humble animal act. Sometimes she's there, sometimes she's not. Lucky we are for she's around by that time. Out of nowhere, there she comes wagging her tail in maybe in the animal's voice, she happily said "Welcome Juliet and Noriel".

After the dog encounter, we rove around the place where plants of almost all kinds can be seen.

Magical Garden

It is Sonya's magical and amazing garden that invites us to be with nature - the thing we have always loved. The best description of how we truly enjoy that walk is through this brilliant-to-the-eyes photo.

Sumptuous Breakfast

Next to that is breakfast time. We entered a dining hall so spacious, comfy and good thing there is still a few diners present at that time. We were escorted to our table, and then without further adieu, there comes the food hot and nice. Have a taste or should I say glimpse of what is served to us for breakfast.

We simply enjoy each bite, each gulp and every chew. What compliments our garden adventure is this kind of dish serve to us - the garden salad made of edible leaves, flowers and of course vegies. Our first time to taste some of the flowers mixed there, and they tastes really good. Always a healthy option to take garden salad as part of our meal, even better when it has those edible flowers teasing both your eyes and taster buds.

Proposal Garden

After the sumptuous breakfast, next is another garden tour. There is always a spot that will pull you over and examine what species of plants or flowers are they. Patios and hallways lead us the way to the Proposal Garden.

Walk with Nature

Then we walk next to the houses that are open of accommodation. There we see lots and lots more of flowers and plants and even friendly bees. There are signages that says be quite but since we can't contain our amazement of the beauty of the place, we sometimes express our delight with a loud voice. Well, this next photo might explain why expressing happiness together with nature can be both fun and noisy.


After about 30minutes touring Sonya's Garden, our last stop is at the Panaderia. Breads and pastries are available here and they really flavorful. Taste justifies the price - this could be the simplest description to the breads sold in this place.

We left Sonya's Garden fulfilled, satisfied and full of wonderful memories. This is something we will surely not forget celebrating our wedding anniversary.

Project Pilipinas

We thank you for reading this post. We hope that you are getting inspired by the stories we shared. 2020 is a very challenging year, yet we still find time to enjoy the beauty of nature, celebrate for a while. With all these, we also hope that you may always be strong in enduring the challenges of times. Project Pilipinas is here to inspire, to share lessons, to help you get up from downfalls or incompleteness. When its time to reap, time to harvest, time to celebrate, do it with all joy and purpose. We are humans, we fight and we triumph. Thank you.


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