A Time to Unwind for Filipinos Like Us at Sky Ranch, Tagaytay - Part 1

Of all the hardships and sacrifices Filipinos are facing each day, probably the always-sought-after remedy of most Filipinos is to unwind, relax, take a break from somewhere far from office or workplace. Yes, we Filipinos get tired too - despite of our courage and enthusiasm to work harder for our ourselves and our families. You would not believe that by simply going to the malls (like SM), Filipino moms and dads, tatay and inay, ate and kuya, are already finding ways to release the stress gained from a long week of work. And for those who have saved some, going a little bit farther from home completes their entire weekend with re-energized body and soul.


Hands of Prayer in Front of Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Well, my wife and I are not an exemption. Like the typical Filipinos, we go outside to blend or join with others on their weekend escapades, when time and budget allows. We walk, climb, jump, wander, stroll and sit or do whatever our heart and mind desires just to let go of our stress or tensions. And the weekend that was, our destination again is - Tagaytay.


We’ve been into this cold city of the south a couple of times. But this time around, the places we visited are somewhat new to our eyes. We become kids again and rove around the famous Sky Ranch. Have a look on these primer photos of the popular recreational hub for families and friends in Tagaytay, Philippines.

The Wonder of Nature
We enter the ranch at around nine o’clock in the morning and what greets us are the breeze and fog of the highlands. At this time of the day, site-goers are just beginning to arrive so being with nature together with just a few is somewhat more calm and serene.

It is more quiet and you still have the time to indulge yourself with nature’s breath. As if the green and blue scenery is giving your soul some healing comfort, and the cold breeze serves as oil being massaged into your body. That kind of experience is truly great, something the air-conditioning in our workplaces cannot matched.

You will observe the usual photography hobby of everyone (that undying selfies and groupies of course) - in the big SKYRANCH signage. And we of course grab the opportunity to be in that same spot for like everybody else, we want our FB wall to bear that content of the wonderful place we checked in.

Lots of Rides
Under the mild sunshine, we then take a walk in the theme park and witness what’s really going on with the rides there. Well, it’s far better than the “Peryahan” we often get into in our barrios and bayan during fiesta. From a kid’s eye, this place is magnificent. It’s the bigger and better version, so to speak. That “wow” factor you’ll witness from a kid if it’s her or his first time, it happens here.

On one side is the “Super Viking”, it’s the “Bumper Car” on the other. Over there is the “Express Train”, right here is the “Sky Eye”. You’ll be amazed in the moving colors for sure. And if you try the rides, the best you can get is that exhilarating feeling or reaction of “whooooooo!!!” and “iiiihhhhhhhhh!!!”. The least you can get? A big smile - that smile you would admit is too rare to come out of your face whenever at work even at home.

The Center of Attraction - SKY EYE
And we really enjoyed the moments, most especially when we get into the circling adventure offered by the Sky Eye. We conquered our fears and get our butts into the giant wheel. I remember the last time I ride into a “Ferry’s Wheel” and it was not that good. Because it runs too fast, it made me feel dizzy and my stomach got inverted. But that was about 20 or so years ago. They Sky Eye is a bigger version, and and it moves a bit slower.

Inside the cabin, which can accommodate around four passengers, is where the excitement starts. As you elevate little by little, the fear is starting to build little by little as well. And suddenly my partner in life burst into tears. You know that mixed of emotions, both excited and nervous, it would really make you cry out of joy and panic. I comforted her of course.

And as the big wheel turns, what comes next in front of us, in 360 degrees view, is the lovely sky of Tagaytay (that is the SKY they’re talking about). My goodness! What a view! Though it’s a bit foggy, you’ll see the green mountains, blue Taal lake, and the jungles still virgin on its own.

After that amazing 360 ride, we continue exploring the ranch. In fact, I found where the exact ranch is at Sky Ranch. Wonder why it is a ranch? It’s because there is a small ranch inside of it, where horses are inviting you to ride on their backs and tour their ranch. It’s in the east side. We decided not to accept the ranch’s horses invitation though, but to see them alive and kicking is simply awesome. This reminds me of our Baguio City adventures. Hundreds of horses are there waiting for adventurers like you.

Next, we go to the west side of the ranch, the Sky Ranch I mean, and there we find the Roller Coaster and other end of the Zip Line. Believe it or not, I enjoyed filming the circling and winding and gliding of the coaster. I feel like I am new to this kind of adventure ride, and to film it was somewhat a contentment I need to fulfill that very moment.

Almost eleven o’clock and we decided to walk towards the exit. And as we draw closer to the exit gate, here then is the magnetizing effect of the souvenir or “pasalubong” shops. (You may also want to read my popular blog post about “Pasalubong”) And speaking of magnets, we purchase these ref magnet decors. We also get some key chains and shirts with the famous picture of the Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. The price is just right. You can of course bargain if you plan to buy ten pieces or more.

And that ends our adventurous tour of Sky Ranch Tagaytay.

And so what’s next? This place is somewhat “a year in the making tour plan”. It is my wife’s dream and desire, and on her birthday, it just came true.

The whole story - on Part 2 of this relaxing post. Click here.

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