A Time to Unwind for Filipinos Like Us at Charito Bag of Beans, Tagaytay - Part 2

Like you, yes YOU, searching via Google or TripAdvisor is always part of the game plan of going to places you admire the most. Indeed, people nowadays use the power of Online Search as well as Social Media in getting to know better the whereabouts, features, food, people and overall ambiance of a place - be it a resort, theme park, hotel, restaurant, foreign land, etc. And my wife Juliet of course did the most intensive search for the best restaurant-to-be in Tagaytay these days.

And guess what she’s found?

Welcome to Charito Bag of Beans Tagaytay!

Sumptuous breakfast, lunch or dinner, Charito Bag of Beans is the place to be. Well, it is not about being rich or poor. Everybody can be in a place where someone has been - don’t ever forget that statement. Cozy and pricey, it will not matter at all if you plan it ahead, save the right amount needed, and when the time comes, just treat everything as a reward to yourself.

At Charito Bag of Beans, the birthday girl and I celebrated our success in terms of good health, nice job, several accomplishments, and the reality that we are together strongly bonded for almost a decade - the credit of which is to the God Almighty.

So what about the place?

It's More than a Bag of Beans
Okay, at Charito Bag of Beans, you can be fun, relaxed, mesmerized, astounded, and full all at the same time. Why not? The beautiful Taal Lake and Taal Volcano are just right in front of you while taking a gentle bite of roast beef or sipping the hot mocha cappuccino. Here they are for you to believe!

Frankly speaking, the restaurant is one of the bests. I’m not a food blogger, not even a travel blogger per se, but in my opinion, Charito has it - that rustic French style, the delicious food menus, the classy sofas and dining sets, the elegance of the interior, the magnificent view of nature, the nice waiters and waitresses, and of course, the cool breeze of Tagaytay highlands.

I remember those days when I am working in a catering business where I used to serve international cuisines to VIPs in elegant venues like Fernwoods Gardens. Charito is several inches ahead in terms of quality and presentation, to be honest. I know the business. In fact, I will never forget our tagline: “Delight your customers and exceed their expectations”.

At Charito, we feel delighted and our expectations were exceeded. Five star for Charito!

The Main Course
I ordered “Grilled Salmon in White Wine & Dill Cream Sauce” and here’s what it looks like:

My wife ordered the signature “Roast Beef”and here you go for that one-of-a-kind recipe:

The taste is really great. The presentation will speak for itself. The serving size is just right (thought I ordered an extra rice to satisfy my hunger, lol). And we were served lemon water, plus this Caramel Cappucino thing, as requested by the celebrant. And mine, a tower of mango shake. There you go...

Truly Fine Dining
The conversation is fine as I would describe it. (No wonder since it’s a fine dining restaurant.) Every bite, every sip, every slice and dip, we both enjoyed it. Afterall, we paid a hefty bill after a 2-hour dine. So we cherished every moment; staring at the lake, wandering in the green wilderness, hearing the sounds of birds, focusing on a specific thing somewhere in the mountains or lake, and circling our attention to the amazing architecture of Charito Bag of Beans restaurant. Being with nature is so fulfilling.

Get relaxed with these amazing shots at Charito Bag of Beans.

The Dessert
“Himagas” time as we speak of it in Tagalog. In their tongue, it’s dessert. What tempted our taste buds weeks and months before, are now served chilled, nicely-sliced and well-done right in front of us. These food stuffs, you should give it a try one day.

Carrot Walnut

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Chocolate KitKat

Nature Heals
The resto’s location is overlooking an environment that resembles culture, tradition and beauty of the Philippines. Tagaytay has become so famous because of this scenery, and the inviting cold breeze you can’t feel at home and at work. An hour of two of sitting in a soft couch and looking in amazement in God’s given wonder is priceless! I mean, you can relate to what the “can-afford” class is saying when it comes to the reason why they spend this much to comfort themselves. They say, “To be here is priceless!” And anyone can say that too - including you.

Depression, stress and loneliness is curable by nature’s offerings. Each one of us needs it - the poor, the rich, and anyone in between. That’s why when the budget and energy allows, go find a place where nature is there to give you comfort in the most natural way.

Going Back in Time
Our stay in Charito Bag of Beans didn’t just end in eating and drinking. We of course tour the whole house (yes, it’s a house-turned-resto) and what pleases our eyes is beyond comprehension. Here are the corners and alleys of the place for your own appreciation.

Indeed, we did get back in time and in a place we'd never been before. Great as we were allowed to see and feel the entire place. The birthday celebrant as you will see below fully enjoyed being at Charito Bag of Beans.

The months of research paid off, of my wife in particular. Nothing to regret about spending (the planned spending I would say) for that is something that will cradle your heart and tinker your mind. It’s a memorable weekend date, truly a day to remember.

Because Tagaytay is just minutes away from our place, the most convenient way of being there for us is via commuting. Who needs a car? At this point, not us. What I am trying to convey here is that anybody can be in Charito Bag of Beans or any other luxurious restos and resorts out there, either on foot or on wheels. As a matter of fact, I can see cyclists and motorbikers eating here and on nearby restos. Believe me. Just work for it, save for it, and it will happen.

Going back home by bus ends our memorable tour at Sky Ranch and Charito - with stomach full, mind unwind, and soul re-energized.

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About this Post
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. The post is about that time for unwinding and relaxation, as a way to relieve our stress at work or in our daily lives. We need it and there is always ways to calm down our nerves and release the toxins from our veins. I shared our short getaway story to remind everybody, tired and overworked Filipinos especially, that going out every now and then can help heal ourselves from boredom, depression, fatigue or restlessness. My wife and I do it whenever the time allows, or at least once a month - and without spending too much. It was wife's birthday too and so there is more reason to celebrate!

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