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Worries All Gone in a Place Called Northern Blossom

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From Mountains to Mountains and Back Home - a Travel Story to be Told

 We walk. We climb. We run. We drive. We paddle. We fly. We travel. In some occasion, we stretch out our feet and arms to the limits just to reach places that we'd love to be in. Our adventure-seeker mindset brings us to places, and we feel the excitement going there. There is something in that journey that makes us fulfilled, be it travelling in foreign lands or just in the nearby towns and cities where we live. What about that experience? Could there be something deeper behind it? Well, let me tour you to the places I've been into over the past couple of months and let me share something about the experience of being there. Pagbilao, Quezon Province It's a hell of a ride! Driving through the mountains of Pagbilao town in the province of Quezon is truly a scary but exciting one. We start the journey from my home town in Taysan, Batangas. Then we cross the boundary of Quezon and Batangas right in the towns of Sariaya and San Juan. In about an hour, we are at Lucena City, Qu

Living with Nature While Working From Home - An Eye Opener for Us Filipino Workers

It's the job that enable us to bring food on our table - to our family, for ourselves. It's the job that help us pay our bills and financial obligations. It's our job that make us feel we belong to the society - of earners, workers, business owners, investors. But are you happy with that job? Me Working from Home I mean, honestly, do you feel the worth of hardships and sacrifices going to and from the workplace? Would you say "I love my job?". (This is how hard working is nowadays: A Day in the Life of Juan dela Cruz, a Filipino Commuter ) I got you. We need to work to live and therefore, it's the job that we really need. But, would you be surprised if I tell you there is always happiness we can find while fulfilling our job duties and responsibilities? The same holds true in studying, doing business, even working far away from our love ones. It's no secret but it is simply this. Work with nature. Learn with nature. Live with nature. My Home at the Center

Simple Life at JN Farm Garden: One Year After Update

Welcome to JN FarmGarden! Here's how it has been one year after. Enjoy watching!

Introducing "JN FarmGarden" of Organic Plants and Natural Lifestyle in Batangas

It is great to live our lives in the way we want it, that's true. However, more often that not, it doesn't really happen based on our plans, even from our brilliant ideas. Life as I learned it, works differently in this world. There are factors that makes life happier, sad and sometimes beyond our expectations. But why don't we look at it in a more positive and engaging way, despite the odds out there. I mean, if something makes you happy, why don't we focus on it rather than on the ones the stops you from doing so. Let me share my experiences as an example. In 2019, everything is just a dream. Like on this first photo, this is just the simple dream - a simple house in the bukid. The First Papaya Then about 4 years later, this red ripe papaya was the first of its kind to be harvested in our mini farm here in Taysan, Batangas. A lot of things, good and bad, happen in between. And this cute little dog we named "Oki" or "Okee" or "Owky" sudden