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A Strong Message: Filipinos Will Win the Fight Against COVID-19

We will survive this battle against COVID-19. If we follow government directives, we will. If we impose disciplines among ourselves, we will. If we think about the welfare of everyone, we will. In times like this, winning is about cooperation. Filipinos will fight. Filipinos will rise. Filipinos will win. Humanity will survive this serious battle.

A lady guard in a grocery store told me: “Sir, nakapamili na rin kayo sa wakas”. (Sir, you’ve finally bought what you need.)

And I responded: “Oo nga Mam, nakaraos din sa mahabang pila at paghihintay”. (Oh yes Mam, I finished it despite the long queue and waiting time.)

The situation outside is obviously not the usual. Buying your groceries, fish or meat, and even medicine takes a longer time than usual. You will have to queue, spend some time outside under the heat of the sun, and be extra-careful when handling food items, when entering doors, and when speaking with people. Social distancing is observed and wearing of face masks is no longe…

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