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A Strong Message: Filipinos Will Win the Fight Against COVID-19

A lady guard in a grocery store told me: “Sir, nakapamili na rin kayo sa wakas”. (Sir, you’ve finally bought what you need.)

And I responded: “Oo nga Mam, nakaraos din sa mahabang pila at paghihintay”. (Oh yes Mam, I finished it despite the long queue and waiting time.)

The situation outside is obviously not the usual. Buying your groceries, fish or meat, and even medicine takes a longer time than usual. You will have to queue, spend some time outside under the heat of the sun, and be extra-careful when handling food items, when entering doors, and when speaking with people. Social distancing is observed and wearing of face masks is no longer an option, but already a requirement in most open stores and shops.

People in the streets in a given time is few. Almost all is wearing a mask. Vehicles can be counted on a given time. Many stores are closed. Many are queuing up on pawnshops and remittance centers. Grocery stores only allow five to ten people to shop at a time.

From what I am se…

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