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When You're Harvesting the Fruits of Your Labor, It's Happiness

 In 2020, a few months back before the Pandemic hits the country and the world, we were busy in our small lot in Batangas province. The area is like the size of a basketball court, with nothing but grasses and a small Ipil-Ipil tree. I was like thinking then, where do I want to go from here? Until I started something great. The process is not easy, but painstakingly challenging and complicated. We were still residing in Cavite that time. What we only have is a motorcycle and it takes about two to three hours of driving from Cavite to this remote place in Batangas province, my hometown. I remember the quarantine protocols induced by Covid-19 restrictions posed a lot of difficulties in putting up this small lot from dry land to now a thriving farm and garden of lively creatures. In the beginning, we plant whatever plants we have grown in Cavite. So early Saturday morning, as early as four o'├žlock, I am all geared up and my motorcycle all packed up with these plants. The driving adven