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There Exists the Hundred Islands and They’re Beautiful

It is about six to seven hours travel from Manila to Alaminos, Pangasinan where the famous Hundred Islands is to be found. It is like a paradise and to experience the nature’s beauty here is really something money can’t buy. There is a total of 123 islands in this tourist spot at the north western side of the country and seeing these islands and islets while riding on the boat is truly a breath-taking experience to share about. In this post, I will tour you around the lovely beaches, picturesque islands, and great nature wonders of the Hundred Islands here in the beautiful country of the Philippines. To begin with, here are the photos to capture your imagination. On the Photos: Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines Going to the Islands People are very hospitable and honest as this is what Filipinos are truly about. There is a standard rate on boat fare, camping tent rental, and overnight island accommodation. One of the most well-known islands

The New Brown is White

Many do if for a purpose. Others do it for personal satisfaction. A lot of Filipinos wants their skin to be white? How true? Scroll down and you'll find out. On the Photo: Very White Mannequins Very Common on Philippine Malls The true color of the Filipinos is brown (we call it Kayumangging-Kaligatan in local terms). The country is at 14° N latitude and 121° E longitude. That location is near the equator where the sun’s heat is averaging 27° C. There are Filipino-Americans and Filipino-Chinese living in the Philippines, however. They are with white complexion and they are not pure Filipinos. On the Photo: Teens Walking on the Street with Brown Skins On the Photo: A Filipino Family Walking Under the Sun On a large scale, it is still unknown whether majority of Filipinos want their skin white or just naturally brown. The show business people want their skin white, many of them. They have the money and it is a good reason to be clean and white in order t