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Living with Nature While Working From Home - An Eye Opener for Us Filipino Workers

It's the job that enable us to bring food on our table - to our family, for ourselves. It's the job that help us pay our bills and financial obligations. It's our job that make us feel we belong to the society - of earners, workers, business owners, investors. But are you happy with that job? Me Working from Home I mean, honestly, do you feel the worth of hardships and sacrifices going to and from the workplace? Would you say "I love my job?". (This is how hard working is nowadays: A Day in the Life of Juan dela Cruz, a Filipino Commuter ) I got you. We need to work to live and therefore, it's the job that we really need. But, would you be surprised if I tell you there is always happiness we can find while fulfilling our job duties and responsibilities? The same holds true in studying, doing business, even working far away from our love ones. It's no secret but it is simply this. Work with nature. Learn with nature. Live with nature. My Home at the Center