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My Motorcycle Adventures Featured Destination: Caleruega

Driving a motorcycle has always been a dream. Though the reality on the road is that it is not that favorable to most motorcycle riders, keeping in mind your safety and security while on the handles will bring you to your chosen destination always safe and sound. So when I got my first motorcycle, I wanted to drive it with my wife of course in going to places we’ve never been before, places we always wanted to be, with safety always on top of my mind. One amazing place we drove our motorcycle to is this place called “Caleruega”. Here is a glimpse of it to start with. If you would research more about Caleruega, you would get to discover the spirituality and nature concept of this solemn place in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines. Needless to discuss how Caleruega came to be, what is lovely about this place is the beauty of its surroundings. It is full of plants, flowers, trees, and lively birds and fishes. The Entrance Chapel At the main entrance of Caleru