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Moral of the Bee and Spider Story: Solutions to Fight COVID-19 Crisis in the Philippines

Sometime in April this year, while my wife and I are doing our typical gardening activities, I saw this bee flying around. All of a sudden, the bee stumbles down the ground. At first, I thought it got hit into a branch or wire. When I looked after the bee’s condition, if it’s okay, I realized it is somewhat dizzy and unable to open its wings again. So I picked it up carefully using a shovel and put it in one of our hanging pots where it can rest and eventually recover. Then after about two or three days, while painting our garden walls, here is a giant spider right in front me. For several minutes, it is not moving at all as if it's dry dead. Even if my paint brush gets closer and closer, no sign of movement. I inspected if its okay or if its eating something reason why it doesn’t move. Surprisingly, after about four minutes, it finally changes its place. Great for it’s alive and well! What about these insects? Well, for me, such encounters are just ordinary things happening around