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Christmas in the Philippines is More Fun, a One of A Kind Christian Tradition

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year All! Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon sa Lahat! How do Filipinos celebrate Christmas? You'll be amazed. Here is my blog post for that. Christmas celebration is one of the most awaited event by millions of Christians around the world and of course, of the Filipinos here in the Philippines. Many says that Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration among any other nations on earth. How true? September Countdown As early as September, people are already decorating their houses with "parol" or lanterns, flashing lights, hanging bells, "belen" or a manger where Jesus, Mary, Joseph and several animals are gathered, and more stuffs that resemble the spirit of Christmas. September is also the month when TV and radio stations are starting to count down the number of days before Christmas. By October and November, people are already busy listing down the