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What a Year 2020 for the Filipinos!

 2020 - Oh what a year! We pronounce it "Twenty-Twenty". On a side note, the ophthalmologist will always want us to have the 20-20 vision. This year was supposedly the 2020 Olympics to be held in Japan. The outlook for 2020 by the economists, by the Feng-sui experts, and by majority of Filipino people is that this is going to be a great big year. A Woman Vendor getting back on her feet after the devastation brought about by a typhoon in the Philippines. Here, she's selling corns that were left to her by Typhoon Ulysses. Including me, I was hoping that this year is going to be prosperous. Until these things happened: Taal Volcano Eruption Thousands of families lost their homes. We were shocked, saddened by the impact of ashfalls not only to the nearby towns in Taal Volcano but also in provinces as far as those in Central Luzon. Death tolls were recorded in the following days, both humans and animals. Restrictions to enter danger zones were imposed, giving residents more pa

My Motorcycle Adventures Featured Destination: Ginger Breadhouse

Here in Cavite, there is a place called Gingerbread House. Sounds like a place from a childhood fantasy movie or play, or from a television program for kids back in the 90’s, right? We’ll, it’s a kind of that, full of fantasy for a kid or teen to be experienced here. Though we’re not kids anymore, going here reminds me of two things: Christmas and Adventure. The Tricky Drive to the House Driving to the Ginger Breadhouse in Alfonso, Cavite is quite an adventure. The place is so hidden, far from the main roads. But if you're a kind of driver who’s used to checking your Waze app or Google maps or simply that GPS device, you can be there. Alternatively, a combination of asking people on the streets would definitely make everything easier for you. And to cut the story short, after series of checking the map and asking for direction from good people of Cavite, we arrived at Ginger Breadhouse at around eight in the morning that fine sunny day. Christmas is in the Air When we got there, th

Moral of the Bee and Spider Story: Solutions to Fight COVID-19 Crisis in the Philippines

Sometime in April this year, while my wife and I are doing our typical gardening activities, I saw this bee flying around. All of a sudden, the bee stumbles down the ground. At first, I thought it got hit into a branch or wire. When I looked after the bee’s condition, if it’s okay, I realized it is somewhat dizzy and unable to open its wings again. So I picked it up carefully using a shovel and put it in one of our hanging pots where it can rest and eventually recover. Then after about two or three days, while painting our garden walls, here is a giant spider right in front me. For several minutes, it is not moving at all as if it's dry dead. Even if my paint brush gets closer and closer, no sign of movement. I inspected if its okay or if its eating something reason why it doesn’t move. Surprisingly, after about four minutes, it finally changes its place. Great for it’s alive and well! What about these insects? Well, for me, such encounters are just ordinary things happening around