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When You're Harvesting the Fruits of Your Labor, It's Happiness

 In 2020, a few months back before the Pandemic hits the country and the world, we were busy in our small lot in Batangas province. The area is like the size of a basketball court, with nothing but grasses and a small Ipil-Ipil tree. I was like thinking then, where do I want to go from here? Until I started something great. The process is not easy, but painstakingly challenging and complicated. We were still residing in Cavite that time. What we only have is a motorcycle and it takes about two to three hours of driving from Cavite to this remote place in Batangas province, my hometown. I remember the quarantine protocols induced by Covid-19 restrictions posed a lot of difficulties in putting up this small lot from dry land to now a thriving farm and garden of lively creatures. In the beginning, we plant whatever plants we have grown in Cavite. So early Saturday morning, as early as four o'├žlock, I am all geared up and my motorcycle all packed up with these plants. The driving adven

Worries All Gone in a Place Called Northern Blossom

 We're one of the early visitors. Juliet and Noriel, that's us. At past six in the morning, we are already in the place. It's cold, really cold. People are queuing up on the ticket booth. We are so excited! Good morning Northern Blossom Flower Farm! Jackets on. Feet ready. Here we walk to the flower farm. Yes, it was our first time and that first time is truly memorable. Flowers here, flowers there, flowers everywhere. And the cold weather of Atok, Benguet makes the experience even more different. You are like in Canada, New Zealand or perhaps in North Pole if you experience the morning breeze of Atok mountains. But there's no place like home, our beautiful Philippines, isn't it? Look at the farmers or should we say gardeners. They bring beauty to the place, with their hands, and their passion to bloom more flowers day in day out. It's great to see everyone doing their part to amuse visitors. Flowers from their heart and soul attracts travelers like us. We were