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Made in China

China products are everywhere, even to the remotest barangay in the Philippines. Filipinos buy products with Chinese characters they couldn’t understand. This is just the obvious part of the bigger problem. There are more alarming truths underneath. Made in China Product Made in China Label of a Box Made in China with Characters Unrecognizable to Common Filipinos From the Filipinos Perception Before we go over the complicated "Made in China" thing, let me first share with you this short conversation among Filipinos. This conversation  with my co-barangays in Batangas  about substandard quality of products being sold and used in the Philippines by the Filipinos started on a morning cooking session for a despedida party. One guy complained: “Ano ga naman yan, ano gang pagkakanipis naring siyansi na are! Pag may kaunti pang diin ay pihong bali.” (What the heck, why this spatula is so thin! Some more pressure and this will surely break.) This guy is in-charge