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My Motorcycle Adventures Featured Destination: Caleruega

Driving a motorcycle has always been a dream. Though the reality on the road is that it is not that favorable to most motorcycle riders, keeping in mind your safety and security while on the handles will bring you to your chosen destination always safe and sound. So when I got my first motorcycle, I wanted to drive it with my wife of course in going to places we’ve never been before, places we always wanted to be, with safety always on top of my mind.

One amazing place we drove our motorcycle to is this place called “Caleruega”. Here is a glimpse of it to start with.

If you would research more about Caleruega, you would get to discover the spirituality and nature concept of this solemn place in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines. Needless to discuss how Caleruega came to be, what is lovely about this place is the beauty of its surroundings. It is full of plants, flowers, trees, and lively birds and fishes.

The Entrance Chapel
At the main entrance of Caleruega is the Transfiguration Chapel. When we arrived there early in the morning that day, there were already visitors doing their photography sessions right in front of the church. And we also did ours. Luckily, there was a bridal car parked down the stairs. Here’s that shot that made me awe and wonder of the church’s architectural beauty.

The Beauty of Nasugbu Mountains
Then here’s a peaceful walk down the road going to the relaxing and refreshing spots of Caleruega. Before we got into the koi ponds and its board walkways, we were delighted by the scenery from afar. The brown and green fields give us an inviting call to examine the magic of agriculture. The greenish to bluish to golden mountain ranges of Nasugbu acting as background to the fields reminded us of dreaming as far as you can, the farthest our eyes can reach. Trees and bushes scattered everywhere, in between fields and on riversides, made me realize that randomness is what this life on earth is built upon.

The Amphitheater
After about fifteen minutes gasping the fresh air blown from the breathtaking fields and mountains, we continued our walk to the hidden sights of Caleruega. We then found ourselves sitting in the Amphitheater surrounded by tall ferns, abaca leaves, tiny bamboo and plenty of other wild plants. In the middle of the theater is a huge pan with firewoods ready to be fired up for theatrical events.

Hanging Bridge
As time moves on, we then made our first steps on the Hanging Bridge, which we discovered was the key entrance to another exciting world of Caleruega. The bridge is made of giant columns, ropes as big as our hands, and wooden steps lined up in an engineered fashion. Since it is hanging, you can feel the bounce whenever some energetic teens made their fearless jumps right in the middle of the bridge. But thanks to the trees, bamboos and green leaves for these really helps to fade away fear of heights, not of mine but of the many visitors doubtful in passing by the trail. The creek underneath the bridge is about fifty meters deep by the way.

The Mountain Chapel
The excitement yet tiresome adventure continues, this time on the steep climb going to the Tent Chapel of Transfiguration. Oh goodness, you wouldn’t believe it if I tell you the trail is one of the most inviting spots in Caleruega. It’s a zigzag walk uphill, but the beauty of plants and flowers seems to be pulling you up and get on the top. And yes, we were pulled. We finally reached the chapel in about ten minutes. Well, it could be around twenty minutes since you wouldn’t resist to stop and take shots of what’s in front of you, flowers and plants. It is really beautiful.

On the chapel is where we cited our prayers. I would not like to connect it, but in a way motorcycle brings me closer to my spiritual side. Like anyone of us, we pray, we say thank you to our Creator. We close our eyes and while the Creator is listening, we pray.

My verdic:

Caleruega is a place to be if we want to forget our worries in life, for a day or two at least.

What to do in Caleruega?
This is your question now for sure. Well, aside from you just heard from me, there is more.

The going-back to the starting point adventure still feels the same, exciting. For after all those catching of breath, still here is nature to comfort you every step of the way. A fine normal walk in Caleruega will make you say to yourself, “paying the entrance fee and parking is worth it”. It was relaxing, calming and best of all I have with me the good memories of this eco-tourism and religious park combined that I am now sharing in this post. You can go there whenever time allows.

There is still a lot to discover in Caleruega. But because we still have this important event to go to as part of our itinerary that day, we decided to kick the starter and hit the motorcycle’s accelerator. That discovery is for you to get into. So before we part ways, let me share with you this brochure. Enjoy your visit to Caleruega.

About the Author
Noriel Panganiban is a blogger for more than a decade and writes on the subject of tourism, tradition, events, culture, people and way of life in the Philippines. Whenever he explores places, he find time to write interesting and mind-awakening post about it. As a motorcycle rider, Noriel is now ready to share more stories about the Filipino and their beautiful country, the Philippines.

You may get to know more about Noriel and his interests by visiting his website,


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