There Exists the Hundred Islands and They’re Beautiful

It is an about six to seven hours travel from Manila to Alaminos, Pangasinan where the famous Hundred Islands is to be found. It was like a paradise and to experience the nature’s beauty here is really something that money can’t buy. There is a total of 123 islands in this tourist spot at the north western side of the country and seeing these islands and islets while riding on the boat is truly breath-taking experience.

This post will tour you around the beaches, islands, and nature wonders of Hunderd Islands.

On the Photos: Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines

Going to the Islands
People are very hospitable and honest as this is what Filipinos are really true about. There is a standard rate on boat fare, camping tent rental, and overnight island accommodation. The most well-known island is the Quezon Island. Next to it are the Children’s island and the Governor’s island. It was in the northern part of this tiny archipelago where the blue waters that surround these islands will surely give its visitors the freshness of the air and the calmness of the environment. While in the middle of the ocean going to this island, looking everywhere is certainly an amazing exercise for the body and soul. Your eyes will be delighted and your skin will be glorified with the natural formation of rocks on every island’s bank as the sea wave slams into it in a sinusoidal fashion.

On the Photos: Quezon Island at Hundred Islands

First Taste of the Islands
Snorkeling is one of the greatest adventures to enjoy about at Hundred Islands. The water that is so clean is full of marine creatures that are only inches away to be touched. There is a giant clam’s sanctuary and the huge size of each clam is really too fascinating to see. The corals of different variety are full of sea creatures and inside the rock holes are thriving fishes of different colors and shapes. The beauty that surrounds Quezon Island truly manifests the wonder of nature that is well-protected and cared by its native people.

On the Photos: Summer Fun in Hundred Islands

Excited People Everywhere
Tourists of different nationalities keep on coming into the island at almost every minute during that fine sunny day. Koreans, Americans, Japanese, and British are arriving with a sense of delight and enthusiasm of the island. Even while still stepping down from the multi-colored and uniquely designed local boats, you can see from their eyes and gestures that it is going to become a very spectacular and memorable day for them. Even the local people, who are coming from different provinces and cities in the country, are enjoying their own nation’s richness in terms of natural resources. No one can even say that Philippines belong to the poorest of the poor nations when it comes to the wonders of the modern world that it has, one of which is the Hundred Islands.

On the Photos: Tourist from Different Parts of the World

The Features
Exploring the Quezon Island will not take you long hours. In fact, in only about ten to fifteen minutes, you could have conquered it all. There is a foot bridge that is about one hundred meters long and the nipa huts that are built on both ends of this bridge are a simple yet somewhat unbelievable-to-see structures. Take the best photos ever with your camera and it will surely be something to be proud of to your friends and family.

Tiny islands there, blue-green waters here, and a light tower on the far distance are what you can capture while on this bridge. The crystal clear waves, as the high tide comes in, are battling against the strong foundation of the bridge and you will literally feel the very natural sounds it gives. Indeed, one of the best places to spend some time on this island while mesmerizing the ups and downs of your life is here in the Quezon Island's foot bridge. It also a very perfect spot to say your "Will you marry me?" to your love one.

On the Photos: The Center of Attraction Foot Bridge

At the Summit
Go up to the summit point of the island, you will then find the monument of Manuel L. Quezon, the former president of the Philippines to whom the island was named after. The elevation is enough to reach on sight the islands at the farther distance. The scenery is captivating. The Hundred Islands is real. It is there very visible into the eyes!

On the Photos: Manuel L. Quezon Monument and the Scenery from the Summit

The Activities
There are more activities that you can do while in the island. You can swim all day long. You can of course master your photography skills. You can go on kayaking. Spend your lunch on the pavilions while grilling those fishes or meat. If you have the budget, you can rent a boat for an island hopping adventure. This is the activity that will surely amaze you as you will happen to set your foot on many islands within just a day. Once in a lifetime experience it is going to be. You can spend the rest of the night either on a tent or on a “bahay kubo”. More adventures that you could have not done before are waiting for you at Hundred Islands.

On the Photos: More Leisure and Fun at Hundred Islands

Going Home is Still a Tour
Going home might give you a shortened feeling of stay on the island. However, the beauty that you witnessed in the island and the ride of the lifetime that you are about to experience while watching one island after another will definitely complete everything about your home sweet home tour. Get ready with your camera and start capturing all the beauty of Hundred Islands surrounding you that only a few people in this world can witness. It could be an adventure to be really missed about but there is always a second time around.

On the Photos: Islands Everywhere While on the Boat Going Home

Behind Beauty Lies Responsibility
Philippines is a beautiful country. It is obvious as the tourism statistics is almost increasing every year most especially during summer time. If there is something not beautiful about Philippines, it can be the dirty system of the government (read my blog entitled Corruption Kills Filipino People - Let's End Corruption in the Beautiful Country Philippines) that is running it. There is always something good about the development of the natural resources but worst is the effect to the population of people and environment if it is being exploited.

There are so many places here in the Philippines that were once a tourist destination but today are only part of the talk of tales. Broad minded people are blaming it to the capitalist and to the people who exchanges the land and its beauty for a very attractive amount of money. This is so sad to hear but this is the truth in the Philippines. There is something wrong about the power of money and its effect on the culture and on the nature.

Research about the number of islands and pieces of lands within the entire country that are now sold to the foreigners and you will not be proud about it for sure if you are one of the patriotic Filipinos. This is something that we Filipinos should realize these days and make corrective actions into. There is no other time to do it but today.

On the Photo: Map of the Hundred Islands National Park

Hundred Islands is only one of the many magnificent wonders of the Philippines. There are so many more and it is good that the local people are at least earning something from it because of the tourism industry. They really exists and it is something that Filipinos must not only be proud about but should also keep into their minds that these are natural wonders that they should protect as well - in all forms and aspects.

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