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Filipinos Will Fight COVID-19, the World Will Survive this Tough Time

I’m just an ordinary Filipino, like many of you. I listen to the news. At some point I become confused about the situation, about the quarantine, the lockdown, and their impact on our lives here in the country. Your hardships, your anger and frustrations, your impatience, I do feel it too.

Nararamdaman ko po ang inyong pag-aalala at pagkalito. Batid ko po ang inyong pangamba. Sa kabila po nito, mga kapwa ko Pilipino, nais ko po kayong bigyan ng lakas ng loob kaakibat ang matalinong gabay upang mawakasan natin ang epekto ng COVID-19 sa ating bansa at sa buong mundo.

The number of affected Filipinos is on a rising trend. So I used to ask questions: What will happen next? What would it be months from now?

I captured this photo from a restaurant I used to occasionally dine. This photo will remind us to become a strong family, a stronger nation. That during tough times, we eat as one, we fight as one, we pray as one. Our combined prayers and intelligent actions will protect us from COVID-19.

Everyone’s Health is Our Ultimate Concern
Many of us are deeply impacted in a lot of ways, no question about it. We are worried about our jobs, our businesses, and on top of everything, our own health. Undeniably, many of us are going beyond the normal when it comes to our ways of interacting with others. We wear face masks almost all the time. We rub alcohol several times a day. We wash our hands repeatedly. We sanitize our homes, offices and business places. It is our health that is at stake, at risk if we don't do these extraordinary things.

Let us do what is appropriate. Let us be cooperative. Let us act with caution.

With all the reminders, advises, mandates and rules given to us over and over again by the experts, government officers, doctors, reputable news anchors, and medical practitioners, all we have to do now is put those into serious practice. Everything is happening for a reason, even if that action is against our thoughts or will.

BAYANIHAN - Become a Hero to Everybody
I would not stress it anymore, but for the sake of our good health, good life, safe country, let me give you this advise:

This picture depicts the true exhibit of BAYANIHAN of the Filipinos in the Philippines. Like the people in this photo, we all need to become heroes with each other in order to fight COVID-19. We can become a hero to our countrymen in simple ways.

Sa panahong tayo’y nalalagay sa matinding pagsubok dulot ng COVID-19, ang tanging magsasalba sa atin bilang mga tao sa mundong ito ay ang pagiging BAYANI sa isa’t isa. Ang ating maitutulong sa pagsugpo sa pagkalat ng virus at sa tuluyang pagkawala nito ay ang matinding pag-iingat, pagiging disiplanado, at pagsasaalang-alang ng kapakanan ng iba.

BAYANIHAN - atin pong isa-puso, isa-isip at isa-gawa ito. Sumunod tayo sa pinaiiral na quarantine. Huwag tayong mag-hoard o bumili ng sobra-sobra sa kainaman. Tulungan natin ang ating kapwa sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay sa kanila ng pagkakataong makabili ng kanila ding pansariling mga pangangailangan. Ang pagkilos ng ganito ay isang KABAYANIHAN sa ating komunidad, sa ating bansa, sapagkat ito ang magsasalba sa atin sa krisis na ito.

My Thoughts and Prayers is for All Humanity
To all people of the world, I am personally expressing my sincerest thoughts and prayers that we will all survive this huge dilemma of mankind. In my prayers, everyone is included. I am praying that God Almighty will guide us in battling the coronavirus; that we will be spared from the deadly disease caused by it; that if we are infected we will be healed faster; that if we have a family member who unfortunately lost his or her life, may God give us the courage and strength to deal with the pain; that in the near time, this virus will be gone forever.

To all nations battling COVID-19, I pray that you will have the energy, resources and courage until the last patient is healed.

Dear Leaders and Medical Experts, Salamat Po
To all medical experts, technologists, lab researchers and everybody who's in line with the research and discovery of the vaccine that will protect us from COVID-19, thanks to you.

To all leaders, from top to bottom of the organization, of all nations, may our God Almighty guide you on your every decision relevant to the safety and protection of all people in your land amid the corona virus attack.

Please be strong, be wise, and be healthy always for the future of your nation and the whole world highly depends on you. I am thanking you for doing your job. I know it is not easy, it really takes sacrifices.

Mga Magigiting Naming Kababayan, Maraming Salamat Po
Sa lahat ng Filipino doctor, nurse, medical practitioner, health worker of private and public sectors, police officer, military personnel, and volunteer, maraming maraming salamat po sa inyong sakripisyo. Ingatan at gabayan po kayo ng ating Panginoong Diyos. Kayo po ang aming sandigan sa mga oras na ito.

I’m just an ordinary people like many of you. And I will do my part to fight the corona virus the best I could. Let us all be calm, be focused, and be a hero in simple ways. We will survive this tough time soon.


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