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Introducing "JN FarmGarden" of Organic Plants and Natural Lifestyle in Batangas

It is great to live our lives in the way we want it, that's true. However, more often that not, it doesn't really happen based on our plans, even from our brilliant ideas. Life as I learned it, works differently in this world. There are factors that makes life happier, sad and sometimes beyond our expectations.

But why don't we look at it in a more positive and engaging way, despite the odds out there. I mean, if something makes you happy, why don't we focus on it rather than on the ones the stops you from doing so. Let me share my experiences as an example.

In 2019, everything is just a dream. Like on this first photo, this is just the simple dream - a simple house in the bukid.

The First Papaya

Then about 4 years later, this red ripe papaya was the first of its kind to be harvested in our mini farm here in Taysan, Batangas. A lot of things, good and bad, happen in between.

And this cute little dog we named "Oki" or "Okee" or "Owky" suddenly came to our life.

And there comes more happiness...

Farm and Garden Life

There is a saying "Pag may itinanim, may aanihan". Putting it in English, "When you plan something, you'll harvest something". And this is really so true, except of course if you didn't invest time and energy to take care of what you've planted. Well, for this saying to happen into your life, you need to exert efforts in between planting and harvesting.

And so that's what we did. We planted and took care of it.

And planting more...

And exploring more ways of planting...

We were amazed of course. My wife and I did everything together to make this farm come into life. There are times when we need to water the plants at 9 or 10 in the evening because water runs dry during the day. There are also times when rain is too much and we need to create drainages to avoid flooding. In summer months, we double our effort watering the plants. During rainy months, our slippers and boots are filled with muds while doing everything to nurture the plants. Imagine that! Tiresome but very satisfying.

Remember, all those things are what makes us happy.

The Natural Visitors

Then one day, we start to notice something that maybe only nature can explain. Lots of creatures are visiting our mini farm. That is from ants, to butterflies, to frogs, to birds, to neighbor's dogs, and even creatures like these ones.

And who would have thought that animals are really that close to me and my wife. This dog we named "Mazie" is an adopted dog. Back in 2016, we find this dog all alone in our backyard in Cavite. Very thin, obviously hungry for days, and vulnerable to predator like snakes and reptiles, there's a connect that triggers us to pick up this dog and become one of our growing family.

Here is what she is now; a beautiful, lovely and a smart dog - and she's an Australian Kelpie dog. Mind that! We're lucky enough to save a dog and in return gave us some glory and success for we believe the dogs are praying and talking with the Almighty God. And she's running here and there at JN Farm Garden right now. How amazing is that!

The Organically Grown Plants

Have a few more look around our mini farm and here's what you will see.

We know we are just starting. The road to happiness is unknown. But what is good in going on that road is you will experience different kind of things. In our case, nature calls during typhoon months and long hours of travel to get into this farm. As in literally, we have to traverse long and winding road just to get into this happy place. And we were lucky enough to have "Sora", our vehicle to happiness.

Welcome to JN FarmGarden!

So yes, what is it? JN stands for Juliet and Noriel - as you might wonder why. The idea is to make a beautiful, productive farm, and garden at the same time. Maybe we will fill it with farm animals too in the near future, we'll see. Right now, what we do focus on is planting trees, vegetables and fruits the organic way.

In what organic way? Well, it's done by using organic fertilizer like cow manure, dead leaves, and good soil. Natural way since we are using typical farming tools like asarol, dulos, sibak, bareta, and harabas. Sorry for those who are not familiar with these tagalog words - giving you the opportunity to research it.

See it yourself this organic and natural farm and garden and discover why.

Our God will provide, definitely. But only if you do something, the Provider will bless on you. Pray, work, eat, love, repeat. And in times of troubles, call upon Him to ask for guidance.

Today, we are enjoying the fruits of our labors - happiness. One day or two, times could turn different. But that wouldn't matter if you always focus yourself on becoming happy - that is doing what you really love and want.

There are more stories to be told. But this time, it's your time to tell your story of road to happiness. What about it? What are you doing or what have you done so far?

An Invitation to Follow JN FarmGarden

Over the next few weeks, I will share more stories about our life in the farm - the JN FarmGarden. On what it is more on organic and natural. You'll be amazed for sure. An FB Page will be launched. A new website will be live. And a Shopee or Lazada store will come to life soon. Thanks for your time and appreciate if you will share your post to someone. To get to know more about JN FarmGarden, you may directly reach out to the author.


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